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     My real life gang decided to start a lets play channel called Beep Boop Games. This is the first EP I'm in. You can watch me fail at freakin The Division >3<. Check out the other VIds to. They post daily which is nice so plently of content. If you want to drop a comment and give them some pointers that would be nice.







Check er out:






2015-12-21 22:40:12 by sweetyluli

YO! I have a server and shit, you should join me? I have some slots open! Let build something awesome!


*Just like... don't mess with other peoples build ya know. and like build like, like, like, epic shit.



--I'm addicted *3*....SEND ME YOUR USER NAME AND I WILL...probably... ADD YOU. :)

Need your help! ARTISTS ALLEY

2015-05-31 13:50:16 by sweetyluli

So by some magical power I actually got into the Nan Desu Kan Artists Alley this year ( It was a lottery drawing). So now I need to know what your favortaite animes/series are? Its been like.... 5 years since I've been in any AA soooo I need to know whats hip and popular. I plan on posting my progess here on NG and giving you guys sneak peaks at the goodies I will be selling! And you never know I might get to see some of you! ( The convention is in Denver,CO )


I woud like to know:

1- Fave top 5 animes

2- Fave series in general

3- What is your favorite thingy to buy in an AA alley 



Let me know!


2014-11-28 15:52:20 by sweetyluli

Hey Guys,

      Just making some test bookmarks and I was wondering what shape you guys prefered. Please let me know 1 2 or 3. I want to get a table at anime wasabi this year, but I gotta make sure my shits not super retarded and bad XD


I also wanted to cut of more of the lamination, but we shall see. Let me know! Also what do you guys love getting at conventions?


Prints- how big?

Commissions - Black and white/ or Color - Chibi or Reg?






What else?


-Sweety out XD



Doodle Animation

2014-07-02 17:46:44 by sweetyluli


Animation Doodle *3*

Hello Kintos,

    Check out this here collab http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636090 that I was in. The HAPPY COLLAB


ALSO Kai speed paint 

Alrighty kintos,

       +++Sweety out!

2014 Animation Project

2014-01-01 16:28:13 by sweetyluli


So Ima try to complete a project this year. This lil story board layed around in my unfinised animation pile, so I thought I'd pick it up again an attempt to finish the bastard. So It would probably take a normal animator like.... 1-3 months. But for me I'll probably take a year or two... But I am shooting for a year or less.


So you can take a look at the unfinshed beast and perhaps any suggestions?


advice on methods to make it look better....


or how to get a flash version that is about flash 8....


here ya gohttp://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e1d203e870dc8bbd732fecc00d429298


Hey Kiddos,

     I finally joined a collab and put some of my old work in there ( since I haven't animated in... almost a year... XD")

Point is... go check it out XD


Anyone doing a collab?

2013-11-20 16:14:16 by sweetyluli

Any cool collabs going on? I feel the need to get back into animation. Let me known dudes.

My animating ablilitiy is sub par but I really need this to get better XD!


2013-04-14 15:28:50 by sweetyluli

Hey Kiddos Heres some speed animating.

I was trying to learn how to animate in regular photoshop cs6. Trying to get a better look. Hopefully I will get better. I wanna use this animation style in my next collab! XD

Yep XD"